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Pooja Kaushik & Nitin Agarwal
24 May 2014
It was September last year when one fine evening I was logged onto Shaadi account and by mistake kept my chat active. Usually I would not do that as I did not prefer chatting with unknown people. It was a rather silly mind block. My fianc´┐Że being a premium member sent a Hello message. Reluctantly I responded as I didn't mean to sound rude to anyone. The first Hello led to the start of a very interesting conversation. I was surprised that in spite of not being the kind of person to chat online I found it difficult to put off our conversation. One conversation led to another the next day and eventually exchange of numbers and talking on the phone till we finally decided to meet one day. Nitin decided the very day we met that I am made for him however it took me atleast 5 months to be sure of what I really wanted. Today I thank for that one opportunity to chat with a person who not only changed my perspective about marriage but helped me discover so many things about my self. It is indeed that perfect partnership that I have been waiting for 35 years of my life and patience definitely pays.Marriages are made in heaven but it is made possible by wonderful people like "You"n "Me" through a fanta-majestic platform like!!