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Vaskar Sarma & Manika Chakrabarty
06 May 2013
We have a very interesting story..... I saw Manika's profile through partner search, and expressed interest to her. At the very beginning she accepts my interest. After that she called me...we talked more than half an hour on that day. From next day, she starts mailing to me to know about myself. At that time I was staying in Delhi, but she wants to go abroad for her Ph.D. In this way, we mailed more than one week. From her last mail, she wrote that she is searching someone staying in abroad. But I was settled in Delhi at that time, so I suggest her to search someone staying in abroad and I wish all the best for her future(**One important line she wrote on her last mail that if God's wish, than definitely we will be together after 2 or 3 years). Time has gone, though I talked with lots of girls for my marriage, it did not work. Suddenly, one year later, i.e.,on 5th September, 2012, I got a mail from Manika. Little surprised to see her mail.She wrote just one line"Would you like to marry me?" My marriage was not fixed at that time, so, I was glad to received her mail.I replied to her "Yes". This is the beginning.....from next day, we starts talking....almost one week, we talked....we like each other...Than we told our parents. Firstly match our horoscope. After matching the horoscope, my parents went to Manika's home. My parents liked Manika and her family. After that her family went to my home. Her family also liked my family. At that time I moved to Dubai. So, I could not come. We did video chat a lot and Manika's parents also talked with me over video and they liked me. In this way, on October 29th/12,our parents fixed our marriage on 23rd January,2013. On 19th January,2013, I first time met Manika at her home. We talked a lot on that day. Finally, we got married on 23rd January,2013. We are now happily settled in Dubai. Lots of thanks to Without you it is impossible to met Manika. We suggests every one to register in really fantastic. God bless